Dead Cells’ Castlevania DLC Arrives On March 6


It’s been far too long since we got a new Castlevania game from Konami, but at least Dead Cells’ Castlevania crossover is just around the corner. Motion Twin dropped a new trailer for the DLC today, along with the announcement that Return To Castlevania will release on March 6.

The DLC has Dead Cells’ The Beheaded being recruited by vampire slayer Richter Belmont to explore Dracula’s castle, encountering ally Alucard and a heap of new enemies along the way. Return to Castlevania will introduce new enemies including werewolves, skeletons, and, of course, vampires.

Players will also get to experience two epic new boss battles, where they’ll face off against classic Castlevania antagonists Death and Dracula.

Players will also be able to get their hands on 14 new weapons, with two brand-new biomes to explore, as part of what Motion Twin calls Dead Cells’ biggest DLC to date.

The DLC is set to release on March 6, and will be available for $10 on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Players who don’t already own Dead Cells will be able to snag themselves a bundle deal including the base game and Return To Castlevania for $21.