CoD: Warzone Is Removing This Map Very Soon, Giving One Last Week To Play


Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software has announced that one of the battle royale’s Resurgence maps will soon see its last week in the game.

In a social media post, Raven Software revealed that Warzone’s Ashika Island will receive one last week for players to enjoy during Modern Warfare 3. The developer explains the decision to remove the map by saying, “This is part of our continued effort to provide players with a recurring, focused playlist that delivers on the best player experience,” and that “the focus will shift towards other map-mode combinations for upcoming playlist updates.”

Ashika Island was originally introduced in February 2023 as part of Modern Warfare 2’s year of Warzone 2, and now the week of May 23 is set to give players one last chance to enjoy the island map.

This leaves Warzone’s Urzikstan as the game’s standard large map, with Vondel, Rebirth Island, and Fortune’s Keep remaining in rotation for the small map Resurgence modes. The statement from Raven Software states the map is leaving the rotation for Modern Warfare 3, but this leaves hope that the map could return in the future, as Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep both recently returned from Warzone 1.

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