CoD: Warzone – How To Destroy Zaya Observatory In Standard BR


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was revealed inside of Warzone with the new Shadow Siege event, which tasks players with bombing Al Mazrah’s Zaya Observatory in order to obtain chemical weapons from an underground bunker. While this is a special LTM mode, you can also complete these steps to bomb the map in standard battle royale, earning you access to all the loot hidden from this secret bunker.

How to bomb Zaya Observatory

Bombing Zaya Observatory in the Shadow Siege mode completely changes the landscape of the area, but the map looks undamaged in standard matches. However, you can still complete steps to bomb the map mid-game.

You’ll see purple smoke flares on the map as you drop into your match. These are marking the locations of the giant missiles activated during the Shadow Siege event. Unlike in the event, you won’t need to activate all eight of the missile launchers. You’ll only need to activate five of them. This can be done in solos if you have a vehicle to get around the map quickly, but this will be faster by splitting up in squads. All locations can be found marked on the screenshot below.

All missile locations

AI won’t attack you as they do in the event, so activating these missiles can be really quick. Just make sure to drop in and grab a weapon and a vehicle to try and get all of these activated before the gas starts to collapse on the areas. It will be best to watch where the circle is going, and head to farthest locations and then move inwards.

You don’t even need to activate all five for your team, as it seems anyone on the map can be working towards the same goal. You’ll get sound cues and text prompts showing when a missile has been activated. Once five have been collectively activated on the map, a new text prompt will say “Observatory attack initiated.”

Then, the Zaya Observatory will be bombed in the same fashion as the Shadow Siege event, and you’ll see white bunker icons around the observatory that let you enter the new area. This bunker holds several orange boxes, so you’ll have plenty of loot for you and your squad.

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