CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Removes Frustrating Weapon Tuning Feature


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrives on November 10, with the campaign already available in early access, and a new blog post details all the weapon customization options available for Modern Warfare 3. Major changes to the Gunsmith feature includes the new addition of detailed weapon stats and the removal of Modern Warfare 2’s overly complex weapon tuning.

Call of Duty’s Gunsmith feature has evolved since the initial introduction in Modern Warfare 2019, and last year’s version added the ability to fine-tune each gun attachment for an even more customized feel, but it ultimately felt overly-complex and time consuming.

According to the blog, the decision for Sledgehammer Games to remove the weapon tuning feature was based on community feedback, and the developer has worked to make further improvements to make the Gunsmith easier to use.

This year’s new Gunsmith feature gives players more information to see the impact of the changes they’re making to their guns. Additional detail has been added to pros and cons of every weapon attachment, and the specific percentages for each stat type is listed, breaking down how a specific attachment adds or subtracts from particular values.

Modern Warfare 3 also adds a new filtering option to the Gunsmith. This lets players see and compare attachments based on either attachments of the same type, or to filter them out them based on the ones they either have or haven’t unlocked yet.

The full weapon pool is revealed for Modern Warfare 3’s launch, which includes a massive arsenal of 114 weapons. If you’re looking to jump into Modern Warfare 3’s campaign, here’s how long you can expect the story to take, including a complete mission list and early rewards.