CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Adds Outlines Around Enemies And Teammates In New Test


The first playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has arrived, bringing with it a new “experimental” playlist featuring player outlines that help them stand out in the environment.

In this experimental playlist, enemies have a very subtle red outline around them. Beyond this, a blue outline has been added to all teammates across core multiplayer modes. Players can even seen teammates through walls if they are close enough.

Enemy outlines, as mentioned, are much more subtle and are not visible through walls. You can see examples of the changes in the videos further down the page from CharlieIntel.

Beyond these changes, the November 16 playlist update in Modern Warfare III adds Terminal 24/7 and a Modern Warfare II moshpit featuring maps from the 2022 game. These maps include Farm 18, Crown Raceway, Shoot House, and Mercado Las Almas.

Modern Warfare III launched with 16 core multiplayer maps, all of which were remakes from 2009’s Modern Warfare II. Three brand-new maps are coming in Season 1, which begins on December 6. This is also when Warzone adds a new map, Urzikstan.

Modern Warfare III is expected to finish 2023 as the No. 1 best-selling game in the US, but Activision has yet to announce any sales numbers for the game. Right now, Hogwarts Legacy is 2023’s best-selling game in the US, and you can see the rest of the top-sellers in the gallery below.