CoD: Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0 Season 1 Battle Pass Details Revealed


Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 reinvents the seasonal battle pass as a multi-sector combat map, providing the typical cosmetic items, weapons, and operator skins in unlockable map sectors. Activision has detailed how this new map-style battle pass works, and highlights several items players can unlock this season.

The Season 1 battle pass trailer gives a quick briefing on how the pass works as a multi-sector map, but basically, this combat map-style battle pass is divided into different sectors, ranging from A0 to A20. Sectors A1 to A20 are all connected to each other, and they each have one main item of interest called the High Value Target (HVT) and four additional items. The four standard items must be unlocked in a sector before the HVT can be unlocked.

The battle pass includes over 100 tiers of items, including 20 free tiers. All these items in the pass require a Battle Token Tier Skip to unlock. Battle Token Tier Skips are earned simply by playing the game, just like the tiers in the old battle pass system. While turning the battle pass into a combat map sounds overly-complex, this allows players to choose their path and unlock the items they want first.

Season 1 introduces Zosar “Zeus” Kalu, who is the new operator in the pass. Zeus is an instant unlock for anyone who purchases the premium battle pass. Unlocking Zeus is also bundled with a 10% battle pass boost, the Myth Maker SMG weapon blueprint, the Articulate Response sidearm weapon blueprint, and a gun screen, which is a new customization feature that allows players to attach a widget to their weapon, such as one that tells you the (real-world) time and date.

Found within sector A1 is the Orbiter weapon blueprint, which is a cosmetic variant of the Kastovia assault rifle. This is the HVT of the sector, and players must first unlock the four additional items, which are a calling card, a double weapon XP token, an emblem, and a weapon charm.

After getting an HVT item, the sector is complete and players are free to advance to any adjacent sector. For example, once players unlock the Orbiter blueprint, they can move on to sectors A2 and A3.

Season 1 battle pass combat map

The free tiers of the pass include the Victus XMR sniper rifle and the BAS-P submachine gun as this season’s new unlockable weapons. BAS-P submachine gun, which is described as having an aggressive fire rate and modular frame, is available at the HVT item in sector A6. The Victus XMR sniper rifle is described as a hard-hitting, bolt-action sniper rifle with .50 cal BMG ammunition, and the gun is unlocked as the HVT in sector A7.

There are also a few high-rarity operator skins. The Unseen is a KorTac Mil-Sim operator skin unlocked as a HVT in sector A9, and Ursidae is a Zero operator skin unlocked as an HVT at sector A11. Roze, who is Warzone’s most controversial operator for having the difficult-to-see blacked out operator skin, is getting an all-new blacked out operator skin called Blackout as an HVT in sector A18.

Players who reach 100% completion on the map by completing all sectors will gain access to the Victory Sector, which contains additional items to unlock. This includes the Olympus King operator skin for Zeus, Mortal’s Bane weapon blueprint, and 300 CoD Points.

The battle pass contains 1,400 total CoD Points. Players can earn 400 free CP within the pass, plus 1,000 more with premium pass and victory sector, allowing players to earn back the CoD Points spent purchasing the full pass.

Additionally, Call of Duty is introducing DLC based on the seven deadly sins. The first will be the Sloth bundle, which will be available for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0. Old cosmetics from Warzone and past Call of Duty games will not be transferred over to Warzone 2.0, and only the Caldera map will remain available to players sticking with the original Warzone. Season 1 arrives November 16 with Warzone 2.0, and here are the Season 1 start times and details announced for both games.