Check Out These Wildly Cool Switch And Xbox Controller Designs


PDP’s new line of gaming controllers and headsets come with an interesting twist, as these colorful peripherals have some eye-catching visuals wrapped around them and have tiny figurines mounted inside. Carrying the branding of REALMz, these controllers are focused on multiple big-name IPs from Sega, Nintendo, and Hasbro, and will be available for Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles. You can preorder a few of the Sonic the Hedgehog-themed designs now:

So how do they work? Each controller has a transparent shell, and inside you can spot a figurine of famous video game characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, and Tails. As an added touch, these controllers are available in wired and wireless (for Switch) configurations, have LED lighting effects, and decals based on scenes from the IPs that they represent. Pricing ranges from $40 to $60 for the controller and $40 for the headset.

Future collaborations will feature Optimus Prime and Pikmin. This line will also extend to headsets, that dresses up the audio gear in Sonic’s red, white, and blue colors while positioning the Blue Blur inside of an earcup.

PDP REALMz Sonic the Hedgehog controller

PDP calls this new line “the perfect crossover” between gaming and collectability. “REALMz is the latest release in PDP’s long history of figurines in the gaming space, including previous partnerships to design and manufacture the Disney Infinity figurines,” the company said in a statement.