CD Projekt Red Will Stop Supporting Gwent, Its Witcher Card Game, In 2024


CD Projekt Red has announced that Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, will stop receiving report by the end of 2024, with the studio’s plans shifting to something it’s calling Project Gwentfinity.

Speaking with IGN, the studio laid out some of its short- and long-term plans for its Witcher spin-off game. In 2023 Gwent will have three expansions in April, July, and September that’ll release 72 cards total ahead of more esports tournaments. Monthly balance changes are still expected to be made, and two more esports tournaments are planned. However, the majority of the team will be moving onto a new project, with only a few team members staying behind to support Gwent until its sunsetted in 2024.

As support winds down, the team will move to a reimagined version of the game which it’s calling Project Gwentfinity–its name perhaps suggesting that the team views this successor to be better suited as a live-service. Project Gwentfinity will have a seasonal progression system that’ll reward players for having a creative deck, and it will also have a new balancing feature that allows the community to vote on what changes will be made. Few other details have yet been revealed, and it’s likely the team will be heads-down for a while before we hear much more about it.

The team’s communications manager kicked off Gwent’s farewell tour on Twitter over the weekend, inviting the game’s community to make the new year “as epic as possible.”

In addition to CDPR scaling down on Gwent, the patch notes for the 10.12 update have been recently released. The latest update introduces two new legendary cards for each faction and a new event called A Greedy God that will be playable from December 8 – 27.

Gwent 10.12 patch notes

Listed below are all the changes made as a part of the 10.12 update:


  • Allgod – Power changed from 4 to 5, and provision cost changed from 9 to 10.

New ability:

  • Increase the number of targets by 1 for each Offering in your starting deck

Offerings: Provision cost is now 5 instead of 6

New ability:

  • When a unit is destroyed with a four or less power, an allied unit will be boosted in your deck by 2

Renfri: Blessing of Kindness

  • If a unit is played on your side of the battlefield, if it’s an odd-power, the boost will increase by 1 for each adjacent even-power unit, and vice versa if it’s an even-power.

Renfri: Curse of Sloth – Ability change

  • Play a bronze unit from your hand, then look at the top 3 units from your deck and draw 1.

Doppler – Power changed from 1 to 2

Ability changed:

  • Deploy (Melee): Choose a unit in your hand, then boost yourself by the number of units in your hand with the same primary category.
  • Deploy (Ranged): Boost self by 1 for each unique primary category among units in your hand.

Monsters – Power changed from 4 to 3

Ability changed:

  • Deathwish: Summon self from your graveyard to your Melee row and Consume your lowest-power unit, excluding self.


Draig Bon-Dhu – Power changed from 4 to 5

Ability changed:

  • Deploy: Move a bronze Warrior from your deck to your graveyard.
  • Zeal. Order: Trigger the Veteran ability of an allied unit in your graveyard.
  • Cooldown: 1

Svanrige Tuirseach- Power changed from 6 to 3

Provisions will now cost 7 instead of 8.

Ability changed:

  • Deploy: Boost yourself with the base power of the last Skellige unit that went to your graveyard this round.

Northern Realms

Griffin Witcher Mentor – Ability changed:

  • Deploy: Draw your top unit and boost it by 1, then shuffle a card from your hand back to your deck.
  • Adrenaline 4: Draw your 2 top units and boost them by 1, then shuffle 2 cards from your hand back to your deck instead.


New ability:

  • Imposter: Whenever you play an Aristocrat on your side of the battlefield, if there are at least 4 different statuses on your opponent’s side of the battlefield, boost it by 1.

Guillaume de Launfal – Power changed from 6 to 2

Ability changed:

  • Deploy: Boost self by the number of allied Knights on this row, then boost self and an enemy unit by half their combined power.
  • Order, Grace 14: Move all statuses from an enemy unit to yourself.

Ivar Evil-Eye – Power changed from 4 to 5.

Milton de Peyrac-Peyran – Provision cost changed from 6 to 7.

Palmerin de Launfal – Provision cost changed from 8 to 7.

Tibor Eggebracht – Provision cost changed from 13 to 12.

Spotter – Power changed from 4 to 3.


Ability changed:

  • Tunnel Drill -Profit is now 2.
  • Fee 2: Damage an enemy unit by 3.
  • Cooldown: 1
  • Whenever you play a Crime, reduce the Cooldown by 1.

Game Fixes

The Arachas Queen now respects the trigger order when it’s played by Syanna, and, Weavess: Incantation and Menagerie Keeper now recognizes War Council as Tactic in hand.

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