Can’t Wait For Diablo 4? Torchlight Infinite Is Out Today For Free


Torchlight Infinite officially launches today on mobile devices and PC. The latest installment in the action-RPG series–and the first that’s free-to-play–has been in Early Access (or open beta) since October 2022.

Along with the global release, a new season is starting in Torchlight Infinite called Cube of Rapacity. This cube brings about monsters named Malice Incarnations that will drop Desire Crystals, which can then be used to redeem rewards after defeating a stage boss. Players can also pick up Desire Cores to summon the seasonal boss, The Law Bearer.

The new season will also introduce Escapist Bing to Torchlight Infinite. This hero is all about bombing enemies alongside his projectiles. Expect new legendary gear with the Cube of Rapacity as well.

Developer XD Inc. has added a feature to help Torchlight Infinite newcomers too. The action-RPG will offer recommendations for hero builds to assist with learning the ins and the outs of the game.

Torchlight Infinite will have stiff competition later this week with Diablo IV having a server slam starting Friday, May 12. It’s an open beta that will last the weekend until May 14. Diablo IV will launch June 6.

But it’s just not Diablo IV either. The developers behind Torchlight Infinite have talked about avoiding the pitfalls of Diablo Immortal previously as well.