Borderlands Fans Will Definitely Want To Check Out This New Book


We’re not saying it’ll never happen, but on the slim chance that reality splits apart and you find yourself transported to the Borderlands planet of Pandora, you’re going to need a handy book to help you survive. In a universe teeming with deadly beasts, bloodthirsty bandits–and worst of all–corporations, a full-color hardcover encyclopedia of the iconic planet from the Gearbox-developed Borderlands series could come in handy!

Fortunately, such a book exists and is an official guide endorsed by Gearbox and published by Dark Horse Books. Written by Rick Barba, The Worlds of Borderlands is the definitive guide to the people who live there and in the surrounding galaxy, the mercenaries, monsters, and wilds they contend with, and the ridiculous self-defense arsenal they employ to stay alive. On Amazon, the book is available on preorder for $27 (usually $30) ahead of its September 19 release.

The World of Borderlands

This full-color hardcover encyclopedia will give you all the advice you need to survive in the Borderlands galaxy, and includes art and trivia relating to the guns, vehicles, ships, companies, and adventurers of the worlds-spanning franchise.

Even if you’re fairly confident that you won’t wind up on a Hyperion moonbase, this book will make a great gift for any Borderlands fan. For more literary gift ideas, check out this gorgeous hardcover of The Oral History of David Lynch’s Dune.