Black Adam Comes To MultiVersus With Arcade Mode


Black Adam arrived in Multiversus today alongside a brand new Arcade mode. He is a slow but hard-hitting superhero, with electrical attacks and the power of flight.

Black Adam is a bruiser type character, with lightning abilities that can deal continual damage. He moves slowly, but dishes out big damage with large hit boxes. He can shock opponents with electrical attacks, create forcefields to block enemy projectiles, and fly to evade and recover. Black Adam even has some ranged attacks, such as an electric ball that can chain between enemies. He can also give allies some of his electrical power.

The character’s debut in Multiversus was delayed to fix unspecified problems. There was no word on when exactly Black Adam would arrive, but the delay ended up being only a few days. Though obviously a tie-in with the recently released movie, Black Adam’s appearance in the game takes more from comics than from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Players can also pick up the Comic Classic Black Adam skin in the Multiversus store, which removes the massive cape that defines the game’s default design and instead opts for a golden sash.

The Arcade mode has three difficulty levels and can be tackled with a friend. It tasks players with battling AI enemies and achieving objectives to earn in-game rewards.

Black Adam just released and was subject to middling reviews. Its star did express hopes that the film will eventually lead to a Black Adam vs. Superman movie. In other DC news, Henry Cavill will be returning as Superman in future projects.