BioWare Is Teasing The Next Mass Effect With Cryptic Videos For N7 Day


BioWare is celebrating today’s Mass Effect holiday–N7 Day–by teasing the next entry in the series. The developer is releasing frustratingly brief and mysterious sequences from some kind of teaser, but it’s hard to make heads or tails of anything just yet. Fans might be excited for N7 Day and to learn more about the next Mass Effect, but laid-off BioWare testers are picketing the developer to raise awareness for their situation and to gather support for their unionization effort.

These teasers, titled Epsilon, Defiance, and Nebula, show a person bearing N7 colors walking through a hallway going… somewhere. Who are they? Where are they going? We don’t know. But hopefully the teasers amount to something meaningful before the end of the day [note: that did not happen, unfortunately; it’s just more mystery]. The teaser videos appeared throughout the day, and there were three in all. They’ve all been spliced together into one cut you can watch below.

A celebratory N7 Day blog post from BioWare appears to include some kind of coded messaged hidden within binary code of 0s and 1s. But the message has not been deciphered as of yet.

BioWare’s Michael Gamble said on Twitter about these videos, “Not everything is at it seems.”

The next Mass Effect game remains in pre-production, BioWare confirmed in an email, so no one should expect it to be released soon. Last year for N7 Day, BioWare released a cryptic piece of concept art. A year before that, another mysterious art piece suggested the Geth will return.

Also for N7 Day, BioWare announced a pretty great-looking Commander Shepard statue. In addition to the new Mass Effect, BioWare is developing Dragon Age Dreadwolf.