Be Your Own Santa With This 10-Game Winter Mystery Bundle For $7


Buying something for yourself is nice and all, but part of the reason receiving gifts from others is so fun is the surprise. Fanatical’s new Winter Mystery Bundle is the best of both, letting you buy a grab bag of up to ten mystery PC games for just a few dollars.

Customers can select how many mystery keys they want, starting with one key for $1 and scaling up to 10 for $7.

We don’t know which games from Fanatical’s library are part of the potential picks–the secret’s part of the fun, after all–but the Winter Mystery Bundle’s description says there are over 300 titles in the pool of possible pulls, including AAA games from big-name publishers and indies. Admittedly, that doesn’t narrow down the list much.

What we can confirm is that there won’t be any duplicate games in your bundle. The terms state all keys in a bundle are unique–unless you buy multiple Winter Mystery bundles, that is, in which case repeats are possible.

Fanatical also “hid” five AAA packs among the mystery bundles, meaning there’s a tiny chance you could win a bonus pack “with six of the most sought-after games from 2022.”

Head over to Fanatical to test your luck–maybe you’ll get something on your list. For those who prefer more certainty in their purchases, you can also check out Fanatical’s many other seasonal deals, like this discounted bundle of 17 eBooks from Boss Fight Books , or the Ripper Bundle with 7 awesome PC games for just $7 .

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