Battlefield 2042’s Newest Map Has An Homage To Mirror’s Edge


Battlefield 2042 players have discovered that there’s a Mirror’s Edge Easter egg in the game’s brand-new map, Flashpoint.

The latest Battlefield 2042 map was released alongside Season 4 on February 28 and after some time exploring, players have come across a pretty obvious Mirror’s Edge Easter egg that can be found on top of a crane (via mp1st). The Easter egg is Faith’s red running shoes that the protagonist wears throughout the 2008 first-person action game and its prequel Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which were both developed by DICE.

To locate the shoes, players will need to commandeer an aircraft and fly toward the large hole built into the ground where a crane can be seen hovering above it. After jumping from the craft, players should be able to land safely on top of the crane where Faith’s shoes can be found.

Along with a new map, Season 4: Eleventh Hour also features another new Specialist named Camila Blasco, as well as a host of new weapons and vehicles for players to get their hands on. A fifth season has already been announced by DICE, so Season 4 won’t be the end of support for Battlefield 2042.