Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Release “On Track” For December


Those eagerly awaiting Baldur’s Gate 3’s arrival on Xbox won’t have to wait much longer. Developer Larian Studios has stated the game is on track to release in December.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Larian Studios announced the release window, adding that an exact release date will come at The Game Awards on December 7. Larian CEO Swen Vincke in his own post stated the studio wanted to “beat winter” in regards to the game’s Xbox launch.

Baldur’s Gate 3 released in full on PC and PlayStation 5 earlier this year after years of early access, but initially didn’t release on Xbox. That was due to Larian being unable to get the game’s split-screen co-op, which it called “essential,” working to its satisfaction on Xbox Series S consoles. A compromise was reached after Larian met with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer in order to bring the critically acclaimed RPG to Xbox, a compromise that resulted in Larian dropping split-screen co-op for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series S consoles, at least at launch. The developer has stated split-screen co-op could be added to the Series S version in the future.

The Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate 3 will feature all the updates and improvements that have been made to the PC and PS5 versions so far, which include performance updates, bug fixes, the ability to tweak the appearance of player characters and hirelings, and expanded story moments for certain companions. Both the Xbox Series X|S versions will support cross-save between Xbox and PC via Steam, with the Xbox Series X version supporting split-screen co-op.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has proven to be a big success for Larian and the voice actors involved. Neil Newborn, the voice behind Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion, recently won Best Supporting Performer at the 2023 Golden Joystick Awards. In a recent interview, Newborn stated he nearly quit acting before being “saved” by doing voice over for games.

Larian’s RPG is nominated in eight award categories at The Game Awards 2023, including Best RPG, Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, and Game of The Year. GameSpot’s Baldur’s Gate 3 review praised Larian’s RPG for its characters, co-op, and the game’s “unparalleled level of freedom” that “allows players to be the author of their own destinies in a way no other game has before.”