Apex Legends Mobile Let’s Jam Event Guide


Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat went live earlier this week, with a multitude of new in-game events launching alongside the Hyperbeat battle pass. Let’s Jam is the latest in this series of new Season 2.5 events, and the music-themed LTE is absolutely packed with free rewards players can earn by participating, including mobile-exclusive skins for Lifeline and Mirage.

Let’s Jam tasks players with performing a series of tasks on Kings Canyon, most of which must be completed at the Pythas Theater POI, which is currently docked at Airbase. Home to Rhapsody‘s concerts, the Pythas Theater is filled with VIP Supply Bins and other unique loot mechanics, like the control panel players can use to start a holographic Rhapsody concert that drops high-tier loot as it drops the beat. But don’t let the catchy tunes and bright colors fool you–the Pythas Theater is a very popular POI that frequently leads to chaotic early game battles. Keep reading for an in-depth guide to completing the Let’s Jam event and unlocking all 13 event rewards.

Getting started

An advertisement for the Let’s Jam event will be one of the first things to pop up on your screen when you open Apex Legends Mobile. But if you accidentally close the ad before you get a chance to press the “Go!” button, don’t worry–the event hub can also be accessed from the main lobby screen. To manually navigate to the event hub, select the “Season Event” banner on the right side of the screen, then select the “Limited-Time” tab at the top of the screen. Let’s Jam is currently at the top of the events list, so this will automatically take you to the event hub.

Trial Tasks and timers

Each day at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET, a new challenge (referred to as a Trial Task) will unlock. There are a total of 13 Trial Tasks, and only one of them can be completed each day. Once you complete a day’s task, a countdown timer will appear on the task below it, showing you exactly how much time you’ll need to wait to complete the next task.

Once a Trial Task is completed, a countdown timer will appear on the next day’s challenge.

Challenges and rewards

The Let’s Jam LTE challenges–and the rewards you will receive for completing each Trial Task–are listed below.

  • Play 1 match in Kings Canyon: 1,000 Hyperbeat Coins
  • Play 3 matches in Kings Canyon: 200 Flux
  • Land at Pythas Theatre at the beginning of 3 matches: 5 Pack Pieces
  • Open 3 Supply Bins at Pythas Theater: 1,000 Hyperbeat Coins
  • Deal 500 damage at Pythas Theatre: 200 Flux
  • Play 5 battle royale matches in Kings Canyon: 5 Pack Pieces
  • Kill 5 enemies at Pythas Theater: Replica Zircon Mirage legend skin (Rare)
  • Play 8 matches in Kings Canyon: 2,000 Hyperbeat Coins
  • Land at Pythas Theatre at the beginning of 10 matches: 200 Flux
  • Play 8 battle royale matches in Kings Canyon: Relaxed Bloodhound banner pose (Rare)
  • Kill 5 Enemies at Pythas Theater: 2,000 Hyperbeat Coins
  • Play 8 matches in Kings Canyon: 200 Flux
  • Play 10 matches in Kings Canyon: Glittering Noise Lifeline legend skin (Rare)

Hyperbeat Coins are Season 2.5’s Seasonal Currency, and can be used to redeem season-exclusive cosmetics and other rewards from the Hyperbeat Store. Flux is used to craft the cosmetic items located in the “Crafting” section of the in-game store. Pack Pieces can be combined in groups of 10 to create a single Syndicate Pack. In addition to the Bloodhound banner pose and the two cosmetic legend skins, players who complete the Let’s Jam event will receive a total of 6,000 Hyperbeat Coins, 800 Flux, and 10 Pack Pieces (1 Syndicate Pack).

Lifeline’s Glittering Noise skin is the reward for completing the 13th and final Trial Task.


The Pythas Theater–not to be confused with Pythas Block 0, a Team Deathmatch-exclusive map–can only be found on the Kings Canyon, and Let’s Jam challenges can only be completed in a standard battle royale match. Any challenges completed in Ranked Mode will not count towards the completion of any Let’s Jam Trial Tasks. It’s also worth keeping in mind that, while the even lasts a total of 28 days, it will take you a minimum of 13 days to complete it, so don’t put those Trial Tasks off until the last minute.

The Let’s Jam event runs until September 20. For more fun challenges with free rewards, check out the Eyes In The Sky event, and don’t forget to complete Crypto’s teaser event, System Anomaly, before it ends tomorrow night.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.