Among Us Update Introduces Fifth Map, The Fungle


Innersloth, the dev team behind Among Us, has just released The Fungle, a new playable map. In The Fungle, players will be tasked with exploring a new jungle while trying to avoid being killed by the imposter.

To play on the new map, players must have their game updated and be on v2023.10.24. Otherwise, they won’t have access to it. According to a press release, The Fungle is “made up of sandy beaches, mushroom jungles, and cliffs.” The beach setting will feature rooms and isolated sections much like past maps, giving the imposter plenty of chances to kill crewmates.

In addition to the new areas, there’ll be new tasks for crewmates to complete: frisbee, fish, roast marshmallows, lift weights, and more. On the other hand, imposters will be able to use The Mushroom Mixup. When this is active, everyone will swap colors.

The Fungle will also feature ziplines for players to use, and there’s even a new ejection animation. New Fungle cosmetics are now in the shop for those heading to the beach.

Below, you’ll find the official patch notes for v2023.10.24:

  • Chat box will be selected when opening it in Free Chat – no more needing to click and then type!
  • Tweaks to audio files which should reduce load times on lower end devices
  • The Airship and The Fungle will take an extra 5 seconds to load so lower end devices can get all needed assets
  • Pets of dead players will no longer sit idle – they’ll go back to being heartbroken that you’re dead
  • Guardian Angels can no longer protect Crewmates during Comms Sabotage
  • When creating or finding a game, Impostor count no longer defaults to 3
  • [Mobile] – Players will no longer be kicked for hacking while venting as an Engineer

Below, you’ll find a list of known bugs:

  • [Fungle] – The sound effects for the zipline may play continuously if a meeting is called while a player is on the zipline.
  • [Fungle] – The campfire sound effect may play during a game’s intro sequence.
  • [Fungle] – Invisible collision may block player movement around the Labs.
  • [Fungle] – The map label for the dock may not be correctly displayed at times.
  • [Fungle] – The orange fish may be caught at a much higher rate than the others during the fishing task.
  • [Fungle] [Android] – Controls may become unresponsive if the game device goes to sleep while the critter is hatching.
  • [Fungle] – Hats may float behind the player while using the zipline under certain conditions.
  • [Fungle] – A Crewmate may hang too far below the zipline during the travel animation.
  • [Fungle] – Using the zipline during a Mushroom Mix Up may display the wrong hand color.
  • [Fungle] – An incorrect task explanation may be displayed while completing the Roast Marshmallow task.
  • [Practice Mode] – A dummy in the kitchen may spawn that cannot be killed.
  • [All Maps] – Quick Chat may incorrectly list certain terms as sabotages.
  • [All Maps] [PC/Console Platforms] – Shapeshifters may lose functionality if the shapeshift time runs out while completing the Reactor Handprint Reader and Door sabotages